Fall Has Arrived And So Has The Bold Lip


Fall is officially here and while I am a die-hard summer girl, I do love changing up my makeup game for fall. One of my favorite looks for both myself and my clients, is a neutral eye and bold lip. Studies have been done into colors and lipstick, particularly red. Bold colors are said to make people feel more alert which means a bold lip is a great idea when you are speaking in front of a group of people or have a big presentation at work!



I am wearing Buxom Plump Liner in Mystery. This is my go to lipstick. It is a lip liner and lipstick all in one. Matte, long wearing, and comfortable on my lips. They come in a variety of shades and it will be a staple for all my fall makeup looks. Tell me your favorite fall lip colors and brands in the comments below!


Additional product details:

  • Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Jet Liner and Brow Wiz
  • Makeup Forever Pro Fusion
  • Fenty Beauty Highlighter Hustla Baby and Mean Money




Let’s talk FENTY!

I have now tried three products from the line and plan on trying them ALL. I’ve seen a lot of reviews about the products and some are utterly obsessed while others criticize the brand. I absolutely LOVE the products I’ve used so far. The foundation is brilliant, comes in 40 shades for any and every skin tone. It’s full coverage and semi matte. Can add as little as you want to achieve sheer-medium coverage. I use less than a pump on my entire face and love the results. A lot of people say that the foundation oxidizes…. well it doesn’t. When color swatching, leave the foundation on for 1 minute before committing to the color. It typically takes 1 minute to see the true tone . It lasts all day and the color does not change. 

Now on to the killawatt higlighters…. if you don’t have one already, go and get one asap. They are magical and don’t add texture to the skin. Below are photos wearing the products. Check out my IG for more upcoming photos, in the meantime, go ahead and check out the line and let me know what you think. xo


Cleansing Ritual

imageAbsolutely LOVING my Spin for Perfect Skin device @vanityplanetstore. I’ve used everything in the past and absolutely love this. Been using it for 3 weeks now. I’ve introduced it into my skin routine. MUST HAVE!!! I have sensitive skin and this has worked wonders. ❤️ MEN… Ya’ll need this too, you’ll thank me later.

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