Let’s talk brush cleaner. I’m always looking for a great cleanser that will thoroughly clean out ALL of my brushes.  I’ve tried all sorts of cleansers and have fallen in love with one only, Cinema Secrets. If you haven’t tried that, do it now and you’ll thank me later.  I was however searching for a new solid cleanser and came across Ativo Natural Skincare . They have one of the BEST solid cleansers out there. 

Now you might already have your favorite, but I encourage you to check out their site or Instagram page to see all of the amazing products they have. 



















I love this cleanser for a few great reasons;

  • They added Argan and Apricot oil….. YASS!
  • Vegan & Organic
  • Conditions my brushes– I spend a lot of $$ on my brushes and like to take care of them. 
  • VANCOUVER based brand. I am ALL about supporting local brands.

Check out their page and if you want one for yourself, use the code MINALOVE to receive $5 off their product. 

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